This trip has been amazing. I wasn't so sure about what it would be like, but it is a great learning experience. It is wonderful that we can be together as Muslims, while experiencing different monuments and Islamic art all over Spain. My favorite activity was the night time horse carriage ride in Seville."

ZahabiyahChicago, IL

A variety of settings for meals and conversations not only made for increased time getting to know new friends but allowed for individual food needs and styles to be accommodated. The scope of the tour was challenging but doable, and the spirit was wonderful. My expectations were fully met."

Paul M.Madison, WI

All the arrangements, from the hotels, the private bus, the cities visited, the restaurants and food options, and the expert guided tours were excellent. It was a very educational and pleasant experience."

Abdul M.Los Angeles, CA

I was very impressed with the tour leader's ability to tailor the experience to such a diverse tour group! My children, ages eight and nine, were thoroughly engaged and had a fantastic time (truly a feat for a study tour). The tour leader very aptly anticipated the needs and wishes of everyone in our group. Every day, our itinerary was clearly structured, yet allowed for adjustment as per each person's needs. Transitions between activities were near seamless. Transportation between locations was always comfortable and utilized to either offer some needed rest or very welcome education."

Sara D.Los Angeles, CA

I have seen pictures of the Alhambra Palace while taking a Spanish language class in college. Ever since, I wanted to come and see Andalusia with my own eyes. I could feel the spirit of our forefathers as we go through the big masjid of Cordoba, and other Muslim remains. If one listens, he/she can hear Andalusia sing. It is a sad song that misses the hustle & bustle of Muslims, the adhan of the mueddhins from tall minarets, the recitations of the Qur'an and so much more. I am grateful to Allah (swt) that I got this opportunity to see all the memories of 700 years. I wish all Muslims could have a look at this rich heritage of ours!"

HafizNew Jersey
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